Lukas W

May 14, 2021

Why You Should Hire a Professional House Cleaning Company when Moving

Moving can elicit many different emotions –  excitement, happiness, nervousness, to name a few – as you’re presented with an opportunity for a fresh start in a new space.   However, it is always one of the most stressful things you will do in life. One of the ways you can lower your moving stress is by hiring a professional cleaning company to deal with both the move-in and move-out cleaning tasks.  Here’s why that’s important. 1. Reducing Your Moving Stress Your To-Do list seems to continue to grow every day, or sometimes every minute when you’re moving. Hiring a professional house cleaning company will help reduce the number of tasks that you need to complete, leading to more flexibility with your time. Plus, it guarantees peace of mind for you and your family because it allows you to feel less overwhelmed when you have one less thing to worry about. […]
May 7, 2021

3 Tips for Cleaning When You’re Emotionally Exhausted

This pandemic has presented challenges and hard times for everyone. Whether we’ve struggled physically, financially or emotionally, we all have a story to tell. When those burdensome moments arise, it can feel overwhelming to do anything, let alone clean your house. Still life always has to go on,  and housekeeping chores still need to be done. In this article, you’ll learn our tips and tricks to help you clean and de-clutter your home, even when you feel emotionally exhausted. 1. Start SMALL Trying to make big decisions when you’re emotionally drained can lead you to feel frustrated and eventually more tired than when you began. So start with a small task. This could be as simple as picking up the trash or recycling throughout your home. As you continue doing these smaller tasks and completing them, you will feel less stressed and emotionally exhausted. Keep finding these types of tasks […]
April 30, 2021

How To Remove Coffee Stains from Clothing

We all love a good cup of coffee but at one time or another, every coffee drinker will end up spilling some of their favorite morning brew on their clothes. When this happens, it might seem like you’ll never get that dark stain out of what might have been your favorite outfit. But don’t worry –  we’re here to  help. There are ways to remove those coffee stains. Today, we’ll be sharing how you can remove those pesky stains from the most common fabrics: cotton and synthetics. 1. Coffee Stain Removal from Cotton Fabrics Cotton comes from natural fibers that are in the Genus Gossypium plant family. The process of removing a coffee stain from cotton is simple. You will want to start by blotting the excess coffee from the clothing with a clean cloth. Next, spray the stain with a  commercial stain remover and then wash it as normal. […]
April 23, 2021

Cleaning Tips for Hoarders

For the most part, we all have some amount of clutter somewhere in our life. Maybe it’s in your car, home, office space, or even a little bit in each place, which is a normal part of life. When it comes to hoarding, though, that’s an entirely different ball game. That’s a situation where clutter is taken to the 1000th degree! While there is a psychological component to hoarding and how that happens, we aren’t delving into that. We’ll leave that to the professionals in that space. In this article we’ll be focusing on the cleaning process and sharing four cleaning tips for hoarders to help get your space back to being organized. 1. Only Handle an Object One Time You might tend to pick an item up and put it aside “for now” as you’re cleaning, but we want to encourage you to fight this urge. As you’re sorting […]