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July 24, 2020

5 Tips to Rid Your Home of Dust

Finding dust in your home is never fun, and it can feel like no matter how often you clean that it’s never enough. According to C&EN, there is much more to dust than dirt: “House dust is a mix of sloughed-off skin cells, hair, clothing fibers, bacteria, dust mites, bits of dead bugs, soil particles, pollen, and microscopic specks of plastic. It’s our detritus and, it turns out, has a lot to reveal about our lifestyle.” With all this dust getting in our way constantly, we’re going to share our top five tips to help get rid of dust throughout your home today. 1. Change Your Bedding Weekly Do you remember the last time you changed your bedding? When life gets busy, it often gets moved down the list of priorities, but maybe it’s time to move it back up. Dust mites love sheets, pillows, and of course, mattresses. By […]
July 17, 2020

Seasonal Allergies – 5 Tips to keep your home allergen-free

The warmer spring and summer months have arrived, which means seasonal allergies have too. Your home should bring you comfort and peace, not a source of misery caused by allergies. While there might not be a way to keep 100% of the allergens out of your home, there are some strategies that can help. Check out the tips below. 1. Leave Your Shoes at The Door Shoes are known to track bacteria, debris, and outdoor pollutants. By taking off your shoes at the front door, you can reduce the amount of allergens that you track throughout your house. 2. Take A Shower After Yard Work Yard work is essential, but it also exposes you to pollen and dust, which can cause an increase in allergy symptoms. Don’t worry, though, there is a solution. After doing yard work, take time to shower and wash your clothes so that you are not […]
July 10, 2020
house pets

How to Keep your Home Clean With Pets

Sharing your home with a pet is proven to make you happier and healthier, but your home often takes a toll. Don’t worry, though,  Diamond Maids has you covered! With our tips to keep your home clean and fresh, you can say goodbye to a furry mess. 1. Buy A Quality Vacuum Cleaner When looking for a vacuum, you want to find a pet appropriate one, so that it continues to pick up the hair, and helps to prevent odors. Since there are endless options to choose from, you might be wondering where to start. Consider the following: What kind of flooring do you have? Does your pet go on the furniture? How often does your pet shed? Ask yourself these questions, and it will help to narrow down the choices. 2. Regularly Clean Your Pet’s Belongings Pet beds, leashes, and toys can all hold onto strong odors. As such, […]
July 3, 2020

4 Way to Make Your Bathroom Stay Clean, Longer

When it comes to cleaning your home, the bathroom is often the last place you want to scrub. To give you a good head start with that much-loathed process, we are going to share four tips to keep your bathroom cleaner, for much longer. 1. Wipe Your Sink Down Daily Often, you will find leftover toothpaste or hair in the sink.  This can be very unsightly. This is why we recommend giving your sinks a quick wipe down at the end of the day. Not only will your sinks continue to look cleaner, for much longer, but it will also help to reduce the work needed for a deep clean. An additional bonus is you will go a long way towards preventing much worse plumbing problems like clogged drains. 2. Clean the Toilet Regularly No one wants to be scrubbing a toilet all day, but if you do it consistently, […]