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October 29, 2017
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Tips to Make Your House Sparkle

Need a Brooklyn Heights Maid Service? Cleaning the house shouldn’t be feared, especially when you know several tips and tricks which make the process much easier. No More Smelly Sneakers Maid service dyker heights recommends adding some baking soda inside your sneakers remove unpleasant smells. Erase Marker Stains Use toothpaste to remove marker stains from wood. Freshen Stuffed Toys Stuffed toys should be washed in a washing machine from time to time, but you can make them look fresher by using a lint roller. Remove Wall Doodles If your child draws on walls, you can remove the doodles by scrubbing them slightly with baking soda. De-funk Hairbrushes Remove the build-up in your hairbrushes by mixing dish soap and warm water and washing the brushes in this solution. Clear The Drain To clear a clogged drain, just let ½ cup of soda down it, followed by a ½ cup of vinegar. […]
October 22, 2017
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The Best Natural Remedies For Cleaning Your House

A Cleaning Service in Brooklyn You Can Trust. Most cleaning products are filled with harsh chemicals that can cause adverse health reaction and be dangerous for your children and pets. For example, do you know that if you use a spray cleaner once a week, you have a 50% higher chance of developing asthma? And we won’t even mention those glass cleaners that contain tons of chemicals. Keeping your house clean is vital yet many people don’t realize that there are many natural methods that are as effective as chemicals. Cleaning services in NYC know lots of methods for a chemical-free cleaning. Below, we will discuss at some of the most effective uses of natural cleaners. Natural All-Purpose Cleaner Use citrus vinegar cleaner to make your house smell and look clean. You simply need to collect citrus peels in a jar, add white vinegar and put it in a dark […]
October 15, 2017
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Mental Benefits Of Home Cleaning Services

How Can Maids in Brooklyn Benefit You? Home cleaning services leave you with a sparkling house, but did you know how much it means for your mental health? Relying on professional cleaning services can lower your stress levels and provide a piece of mind. In fact, there are lots of ways a professional cleaning service enhances your state of mind. Feel More Organized Every parent knows a house can get messy really quickly. A sense of chaos affects your mental health, especially when you’re always in the middle of a big mess. Of course, when you’re a parent, a perfectly clean house might not seem like a big deal, but when everything is sparkling, you feel more organized. That’s why apartment cleaning dyker heights makes a huge difference in your mental health. Gives You A Sense Of Order Most parents can agree that having a clean house is important, but […]
October 8, 2017
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How To Find The Right Cleaning Service

Which NYC Cleaning Service is Right For You? With so many cleaning services out there, how do you know which one is the best for you? Before committing to a certain service, you have to think about the size of your house, your schedule, and your needs. Cost-effectiveness, quality of products used for cleaning, customer service, and satisfaction guarantee are among the many things you have to consider in order to find the right cleaning services NYC. Below, we will discuss the important things to keep in mind before you choose a cleaning service, so your life will become easier in many ways. Free Time When you hire a professional cleaning service, you will get a lot of free time to handle other important things. Forget about the days you spend on chores. Now, they are freed up so you can plan to spend days more effectively. Maids in Brooklyn […]