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August 20, 2021
Laundry room

3 Steps To Naturally Clean Your Washing Machine

Did you know that you’re supposed to clean your washing machine? I know that it might seem a bit odd because all it does is wash your clothes, but it’s true. The cleaning machine also needs to be cleaned from time to time. According to the Spruce, we should be deep cleaning our washing machines at least once a month so that detergent residue doesn’t form and to prevent any bacteria from getting trapped. When it comes to cleaning, though, people are leaning towards natural methods whenever possible. That being said, we’re sharing three steps to clean your washing machine, naturally. 1. Baking Soda to The Rescue To begin this process, you’ll want to grab two cups of baking soda and dump that directly into the base of the machine. Before you press start, make sure the cycle is in these settings: large load, long, and use hot water. Once […]
August 13, 2021
Professionally cleaned and shiny hard wood floors

How To Clean Hardwood Floors

Your hardwood floors go through a lot on any given day, including regular foot traffic, spills, and scuffs. If you’ve got stains, scuff marks or just overall wear and tear, it might feel as though the wood will never look the same again. We understand this frustration, which is why we’re sharing a few simple tips you can use to clean your hardwood floors and get them sparkling once again. 1. Clean Your Wood Floors Regularly When was the last time you mopped your floors? We get it, this might seem like an obvious tip, but as life gets crazy, we can often forget to mop the floors after sweeping. Set time aside at least once a week to do a deep cleaning of your floors. First, you’ll want to sweep to remove any dust, dirt, or initial grime from the surface. Then it’s time to grab your mop. We […]
August 6, 2021
professionally cleaned bathroom and shower

DIY Shower Spray To Banish Soap Scum

Have you noticed that soap scum keeps piling up, even if you clean your shower frequently? If so, then you might benefit from a daily shower spray. By utilizing a daily spray, you can help prevent soap scum and mildew while keeping your shower smelling fresh. To make our simple DIY recipe, keep reading for the step-by-step process. 1. Gather Your Supplies You’ll want to get hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, dish soap, a rinse aid like Finish Jet-Dry, and a clean 32oz spray bottle. Then place all the items on a clean surface. 2. Measure Out the Ingredients Next, measure out the appropriate amount of each ingredient, and pour them into the container. 1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide 1/2 cup of rubbing alcohol 1 teaspoon of dish soap 1 tablespoon of rinse aid After all the items are combined, slowly add three cups of water. You might notice a little […]
July 30, 2021
well organized closet space

How To Keep Your Clothes Organized

“A dramatic reorganization of the home causes correspondingly dramatic changes in lifestyle and perspective. It is life-transforming.” -Maria Kondo. When it comes to keeping our clothing organized, we can sometimes feel overwhelmed, especially when there’s a lot in our closets. If you’re feeling this way, know that we understand, and we’re here to help by sharing our recommendations on how you can keep your clothes well organized. 1. Say Goodbye To Overflowing Drawers When you open your dresser drawers, and you find it hard to close them with ease, then it’s time to get rid of things. Pull out anything with holes or that you haven’t worn in a year. Throw out anything that’s not salvageable and donate what is still in good shape. Once you have what you’re keeping, it’s time to put everything back. For more on organizing your drawers, keep reading. 2. Coordinate Your Hangers Before you […]