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June 26, 2020
professional house cleaning

5 Essential Items to Maintain a Clean Home

When it comes to keeping your home clean, there are a couple of essential items you do want to make sure you have around all the time.  These items will make it easy for you to keep your home spic and span in between professional cleaning sessions. Today, we share our top 5. 1. Disinfectant Every home needs disinfectant because no matter how often you clean, there will always be germs around. Whether you use it in the bathroom or your counters, a good disinfectant will help to prevent your family from getting sick. 2. An old Toothbrush It might sound odd recommending having an old toothbrush on hand when cleaning, but it will help you immensely. You can use them to clean common areas like your sinks, or less common and less accessible areas like the drink holders in your car. They’re that versatile! 3. Furniture Polish To help […]